Rejuvenating a half-century-old fashion retailer using technology

A pair of shoes

The challenge

Multinational fashion retailer Aldo was struggling to innovate within an increasingly digital world, making it difficult to keep up with younger, more nimble competitors. With limited technical know-how and existing resources focused on their core footwear business, collaborating with an external technical partner for new project initiatives became the obvious solution.

Aldo selected us as their digital innovation partner of choice because of our extensive skill set and ability to deliver value out of fewer resources. We were entrusted with turning their multitude of pilot project ideas into reality, and doing so as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our solution

We assembled a dedicated team tasked with building a wide range of business-critical software, both consumer-facing and for use internally. By implementing a startup-like workflow and leveraging our hybrid software development process, we were able to consistently deliver quality software more efficiently, gaining additional stakeholder buy-in with every successful product launch. We also opted for modern technology frameworks, creating a solid foundation on which Aldo would eventually build upon.

  • Fully-integrated product reservation system built on AWS Lambda
  • Internal web app used by Aldo employees to create and discover volunteering opportunities
  • Mobile app used for in-store defect tracking by retail associates at over 500 stores
  • Web service used to generate barcodes for Aldo's colossal SKU catalog
In-store defect tracking mobile app
In-store defect tracking mobile app
In-store pickup built atop the product reservation system
In-store pickup built atop the product reservation system
Internal web app for volunteering initiatives
Internal web app for volunteering initiatives

The results

Our involvement with Aldo contributed to an increase in resource allocation for digital initiatives within the organization. This accelerated their digital transformation and allowed them to more effectively compete within the fast-changing world of retail. By infusing startup DNA into the company, Aldo is now better equipped to innovate rapidly and maintain their standing as a leader in the space.

  • Significant stakeholder buy-in leading to an acceleration of Aldo's digital transformation
  • Increase of 250% in employee volunteering efforts
  • Processed 2.5 million product reservations and counting since launch in 2018
  • Reduction of in-store technical issues by 53% with proper defect tracking solution
  • Observed a 32% average increase in customer experience rating (North American stores)
Product reservations since 2018
Reduction of in-store technical issues
Increase in retail customer experience rating

We chose Volume7 as our digital innovation partner because of their multidisciplinary offering and ability to deliver quickly.

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